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Meet the Cast

Ari, Ray Ray, and Sara are the main characters of our story, but these are the folks behind the voices.



Ian Mauldin is the Keeper and producer for Shrimp and Crits. He grew up immersed in the massive fictional worlds of things like the Elder Scrolls, Star Wars, and Dragonlance. It wasn't long before he started doodling maps and dreaming up his own stories. He also had a babysitter who had every episode of Buffy the Vampire slayer recorded on meticulously labeled VHS tapes. It was later in life that he discovered TTRPGs, and found himself in the dungeon master's seat right away. In 2020, he got together with some old friends and started that podcast they had always talked about starting, combining his obsessive world building with his love of the campy-spooky monster of the week genre. In this melting pot of interests, the wacky town of Gullacochica was born.
He also loves good food, bourbon, and sad music. He has a rescued pitbull named Cricket, and a fluffy grey cat named Corny. He has played in numerous bands, and you can hear some of his music on Spotify and other streaming services if you look up Damned Rivers.


Ari Green

Certified cat dad and lover of all things veggie, Cap plays the ever-brooding Agent Ari Green, and is the sometimes Keeper on Shrimp and Crits. Cap spent his youth diving into old choose-your-own-adventure books, reading them over and over to see all the different outcomes, and playing any adventure and fantasy games he could get his hands on. His love for shows like X-Files and Doctor Who, as well as books by Stephen King and Neil Gaiman fuel his passion for storytelling. Once he was introduced to TTRPGs, they became his whole life: over the last decade not a week has gone by where he wasn't at the table rolling dice at least once. From running absurd characters, to leading wild games, Cap has sat (wildly incorrectly) in every seat at the table.
Art by @Ellen_Dalina


Raymon "Ray Ray" Lareaux

Ryan plays everyone’s favorite laid back gatorman, RayRay Lareaux. He was born and raised along the Gulf Coast, but spent most of his early days deep in the woody swamps of South Mississippi. Luckily, since cable didn’t really reach out there, he was able to get Saturday morning cartoons and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the antenna. Between that and his lifelong love for Star Wars, Marvel Comics, fantasy games, and board games, he easily fell in love with TTRPGs. Eventually after moving to Atlanta, on a very snowy evening with nothing else to do, him and some of his friends decided to start a D&D campaign that would eventually be joined by Cap and Catie. Since Ian was one of the first friends Ryan made in GA and the two had talked for the longest time about starting a podcast with similar interests, everything just seemed to fall into place and here we are!

Outside of gaming, Ryan prides himself on his cooking skills, having worked in Restaurants since he was 16, and his music, having played in bands since he was 15. And most of all, being a father to his little human, his dogs and cat, and a husband to his wife.


Sara Payne

Catie Stroud plays the hilariously witty rookie GPD deputy, Sara Payne. Her first introduction to D&D was at the ripe age of 11, watching her best friend’s dad run an epic campaign at the kitchen table. After that, she was hooked on collaborative storytelling. She spent most of her childhood writing fantastical short stories with her friends, and even went on to college to study creative writing. Catie has been inspired over the years by many popular fictional worlds, from Middle-earth to Westeros, from Hyrule to Tamriel. Ryan, Cap, and the boys so graciously welcomed her in to their weekly game night, and now, here she is - happy to be here in sunny Gullacochica!

She also loves good food, singing karaoke into the early morning hours, everything Disney, and watching chilling true crime documentaries. She has the cutest kid as well as three furry companions. Ryan and her live in Atlanta, but originally grew up together in south Mississippi.