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Lost in the Wyld 1 – Size Is in the Heart

Content Warning: Comic Mischief, Language

Lost in the Wyld is a new Gullacochica spin-off series where we explore different vignettes of the Wyld through one shots with featured guests. In this episode we play Babes in the Wood by Adam Vass, a game inspired by the animated TV show “Over the Garden Wall.” We are joined by Drea Silvertooth of Bad Heroes.  

We know what became of Ari after he wandered into the woods on his Halloween birthday party and was recruited into the FAE. Now we find out what came of the other kids who also got lost that fateful day. This charming tale of sorrow and whimsy features talking toys, rag time piano, and a certain amphibian who looks GREAT in a top hat.


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All music written and produced by Shrimp and Crits except “A Clumsy Psychiatrist” by L’Orange.