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Mission Impaschable – A Shrimp and Crits Road Trip

Content Warning: Dark Themes, Violence Involving Children, Body Horror, Strong Language, References to Child Abuse

Happy April Fools Day!
In celebration, Shrimp and Crits is bringing you our first Monster of the Week “Road Trip.” This special episode takes place outside the usual canon of our show. Cap will be our Keeper with Ian, Ryan, and Catie playing new characters: themselves! With a few magical powers and expert skills thrown in.

Mission Impaschable takes place in Georgia, the state three of us call home. Cap, as the GM, leads the three friends across the state investigating a spree of missing children. 

In loving memory of Roo, gone but never ever forgotten. 


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All music written and produced by Shrimp and Crits except “A Clumsy Psychiatrist” by L’Orange. Special thanks to Christopher Bell for Mixing and Production assistance.

Thanks to Natural 20 Leather for the coaster featured this episode’s picture. You can find him and his work on twitter @Nat20Leather